Download Windows IPMItool.exe version 1.8.18

I have compiled a Windows version of IPMItool 1.8.18. It is not available as exe download on the internet yet, hence im sharing this with you.

Download ipmitool.exe 1.8.18 for Windows

The source is directly downloaded from and compiled using Cygwin on Windows Server 2008. If you wish to compile ipmitool yourself, read this post.

5 thoughts on “Download Windows IPMItool.exe version 1.8.18”

  1. Thank you for this! I needed to modify my Supermicro motherboard’s fan RPM thresholds because the default lower critical thresholds were higher than my Noctua fans’ RPMs. But when I tried ipmitool in Linux, it was able to discover the BMC but unable to log into it. (As a diagnostic, I entered my BMC’s IP in the Chrome browser URL bar. Chrome issued an error, saying it could not find the address.)

    But when I used this Windows version of ipmitool, I was able to log into my BMC and modify the fan thresholds without any difficulty. Thank you!

    1. Interesting issue.
      Have your Linux loaded ipmi driver ? Did OS support ipmi driver ?
      The Linux is official build? What’s OS name ?
      connect via inband (?) or dedicated LAN(?) or IPMI over USB LAN(?)

  2. Very useful! I use it to control the RPM of fan in server remotely. Every time I power on the server, the noise of fan is so high that people in laboratory (where the server was placed) cannot bear the noise.
    Thank you for compile it for WINDOWS OS, that is, I can use my windows-installed laptop to control my server, which is more convenient.

  3. I spent two nights to solve the supermicro fan problem (I thought it was the grease too thick at first …) before I see this post. Danny, you are my hero!

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