Updating Samsung 980/990 (PRO) NVMe using Linux CLI

Get the latest firmware for your NVMe: https://semiconductor.samsung.com/consumer-storage/support/tools/

  1. Download it to your server
    wget -O /root/samsungFirmware.iso https://download.semiconductor.samsung.com/resources/software-resources/Samsung_SSD_990_PRO_4B2QJXD7.iso
  2. Make sure all the required dependencies are installed
    apt-get -y install gzip unzip wget cpio
  3. Mount the iso and unpack initrd
    mkdir /mnt/iso
    sudo mount -o loop /root/samsungFirmware.iso /mnt/iso/
    mkdir /tmp/fwupdate
    cd /tmp/fwupdate
    gzip -dc /mnt/iso/initrd | cpio -idv --no-absolute-filenames

  4. Run the firmware update tool fumagician
    cd root/fumagician/
    sudo ./fumagician

  5. Reboot the server to apply the firmware updates
    sudo reboot

  6. Cleanup
    rm -rf /tmp/fwupdate
    rm -f /root/samsungFirmware.iso

Thats it, your Samsung PRO NVMe is now up-to-date!

2 thoughts on “Updating Samsung 980/990 (PRO) NVMe using Linux CLI”

  1. Thanks for the guide, but it didn’t work for me.
    Ended up with lots of permission denied errors. Going to try as root and see.

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