How to compile IPMItool.exe for Windows

  1. Install Cygwin on your windows system. While installing Cygwin make sure to install the development tools (dependencies on these packages will be automatically selected by Cygwin)
    1. General build environment tools
      • autoconf
      • autoconf2.5
      • autogen
      • automake
      • automake1.15
      • libtool
      • make
    2. Compilers
      • gcc-g++
      • mingw64-x86_64-gcc-core
      • mingw64-x86_64-gcc-g++
    3. IPMItool dependencies
      • zlib-devel
      • libreadline-devel
      • libcrypt-devel
      • openssl-devel
      • libgcrypt-devel
  2. Download the latest source from IPMItool
  3. Unzip the zip archive to any location
  4. Launch ‘Cygwin64 Terminal’ and change your directory to extract location. Im my case: /cygdrive/c/ipmitool-IPMITOOL_1_8_18.
    cd /cygdrive/c/ipmitool-IPMITOOL_1_8_18
  5. Configure and build IPMItool:
    ./configure --enable-intf-lanplus
    make install
  6. Packaging the IPMItool binary and related DLLs in an archive file:
    cd ..
    mkdir ipmitool
    cp ipmitool-1.8.18/src/.libs/ipmitool.exe ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cygwin1.dll ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cygcrypto* ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cygz.dll ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cyggcc_s-*.dll ipmitool/

    cp /bin/cygreadline*.dll ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cygncursesw-*.dll ipmitool/
    tar -zcvf ipmitool.tar ipmitool
  7. Extract the file, ipmitool.tar in your destination host. Some of the sample commands to test your ipmitool.exe:
    ipmitool.exe -I lan -U username -P password -H address sel list
    ipmitool.exe -I lanplus -U username -P password -H address sel list

One thought on “How to compile IPMItool.exe for Windows”

  1. If anyone gets the error “Failed to load entries from IANA PEN Registry” after compiling ipmitool.exe. This is probably due to pathing for windows or permissions from cygwin. Didnt dive to much in to figuring out why.

    You will need to do 2 things, download the master of ipmitool instead of downloading the source for 1.8.19. and follow step 5 again but use this command “./configure –enable-intf-lanplus IANADIR=C:/Temp/” instead of “./configure –enable-intf-lanplus”

    this should resolve your issue.

    You could also edit the file “”at the root of the source code and go to line 44 and add .txt ad end of “IANA_PEN =” to look like this now.

    “IANA_PEN =

    This was checked in as 1 of the fixes for folks having this issue as well.

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