Download Windows IPMItool.exe version 1.8.19

I have compiled a Windows version of IPMItool 1.8.19. It is not available as executable download on the internet yet, hence i am sharing this with you.

Download ipmitool.exe 1.8.19 for Windows

The source is directly downloaded from and compiled using Cygwin on Windows 10. If you wish to compile ipmitool yourself, read this post.

How to compile IPMItool.exe for Windows

  1. Install Cygwin on your windows system. While installing Cygwin make sure to install the development tools (dependencies on these packages will be automatically selected by Cygwin)
    1. General build environment tools
      • autoconf
      • autoconf2.5
      • autogen
      • automake
      • automake1.15
      • libtool
      • make
    2. Compilers
      • gcc-g++
      • mingw64-x86_64-gcc-core
      • mingw64-x86_64-gcc-g++
    3. IPMItool dependencies
      • zlib-devel
      • libreadline-devel
      • libcrypt-devel
      • openssl-devel
      • libgcrypt-devel
  2. Download the latest source from IPMItool
  3. Unzip the zip archive to any location
  4. Launch ‘Cygwin64 Terminal’ and change your directory to extract location. Im my case: /cygdrive/c/ipmitool-IPMITOOL_1_8_18.
    cd /cygdrive/c/ipmitool-IPMITOOL_1_8_18
  5. Configure and build IPMItool:
    ./configure --enable-intf-lanplus
    make install
  6. Packaging the IPMItool binary and related DLLs in an archive file:
    cd ..
    mkdir ipmitool
    cp ipmitool-1.8.18/src/.libs/ipmitool.exe ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cygwin1.dll ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cygcrypto* ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cygz.dll ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cyggcc_s-*.dll ipmitool/

    cp /bin/cygreadline*.dll ipmitool/
    cp /bin/cygncursesw-*.dll ipmitool/
    tar -zcvf ipmitool.tar ipmitool
  7. Extract the file, ipmitool.tar in your destination host. Some of the sample commands to test your ipmitool.exe:
    ipmitool.exe -I lan -U username -P password -H address sel list
    ipmitool.exe -I lanplus -U username -P password -H address sel list