Updating Samsung 980/990 (PRO) NVMe using Linux CLI

Get the latest firmware for your NVMe: https://semiconductor.samsung.com/consumer-storage/support/tools/

  1. Download it to your server
    wget -O /root/samsungFirmware.iso https://download.semiconductor.samsung.com/resources/software-resources/Samsung_SSD_990_PRO_4B2QJXD7.iso
  2. Make sure all the required dependencies are installed
    apt-get -y install gzip unzip wget cpio
  3. Mount the iso and unpack initrd
    mkdir /mnt/iso
    sudo mount -o loop /root/samsungFirmware.iso /mnt/iso/
    mkdir /tmp/fwupdate
    cd /tmp/fwupdate
    gzip -dc /mnt/iso/initrd | cpio -idv --no-absolute-filenames

  4. Run the firmware update tool fumagician
    cd root/fumagician/
    sudo ./fumagician

  5. Reboot the server to apply the firmware updates
    sudo reboot

  6. Cleanup
    rm -rf /tmp/fwupdate
    rm -f /root/samsungFirmware.iso

Thats it, your Samsung PRO NVMe is now up-to-date!